SPACEHACK Luxembourg 2023 – Hackathon

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SPACEHACK Luxembourg 2023 - Hackathon

InTech, in collaboration with Technoport Luxembourg, Universeh, ESRIC and DLH  is organising the 3rd edition of the

SPACEHACK which will be held on

14 – 15 – 16 April 2023 at the Maison du Savoir of Belval.

SpaceHack is a hackathon, a collaborative event designed to combine the expertise and skills of talents in the fields of space and non-space in a collective entrepreneurial spirit. The objective of the participating teams is to develop innovative concepts that exploit the potential of the near future of the new space industry.

The hackathon will take place in teams over three days (3x8h) with the support of domain experts and coaches. It will bring together international university and PhD students, professionals and researchers.

To find out more about the themes that will be developed, visit the SPACEHACK.LU  website.

You can also read the interview of Fabrice Croiseaux and Olivier Zephir,  SpaceHack: The Experiencial Learning, in the magazine SILICON dedicated to Space Tech 2023.

SPACE HACK Luxembourg 2021 – Hackathon

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SPACE HACK Luxembourg 2021 - Hackathon

InTech, in cooperation with the Technoport, the University of Luxembourg and a number of partners is organising the Space Hack 2021 Hackathon around the colonisation of the moon in 2040. Three days are dedicated to settling there.

Even though the media gets excited every time tech giants send a privileged few into Earth orbit, the colonisation of the moon remains a faraway prospect. It could happen sooner than previously thought, though, if entrepreneurs join forces with researchers to develop an ecosystem around this idea.

This is all the interest of the Space Hack virtual Hackathon ,

taking place this year: 

12, 13 & 14th November.

To discover the different topics and to register,  click HERE

For further information on this event dedicated to Space, read article Hackathon seeks moon colonisers in 2040 published on


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1st Tech for Good Hackathon in Luxembourg organised by InTech. 

Digital Technologies at the Service of Societal Challenges.


Lux4Good is an IT hackathon which goal is to bring together volunteer and passionate IT developers who will work as a team for 24 hours to design and realize an app or solution to address a specific issue.

Many hackathons have already taken place in Luxembourg. But this is the first time that the objective is devoted to general interest. This hackathon is the opportunity for “Digital Technicians” (Developers, Data Scientists, UX/UI Designers…) to (re)discover the social impact: what is it used for, its assessment, how to implement it…? Experts of the field will be happy to anwser these questions for our candidates.

Meet at Technoport in Esch Belval for the second edition of the hackathon:  11 & 12 October 2019.

You are:

Data Scientist
Product Owner
UX/UI Designer

Press feedback on the first edition of Lux4Good : Read more.

More information on our website :

or on our twitter @lux_4_good

Act in Space

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Act in Space

Act In Space est un hackathon informatique organisé tous les deux ans par InTech au Luxembourg. Ce hackathon est une initiative commune du CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) et de l’ESA (Agence Spatiale Européenne)

Des équipes de 2 à 5 personnes se challengent pendant 24 heures en répondant à des défis provenant des technologies du spatial pour inventer les produits et usages de demain.

La 3e édition du hackathon s’est déroulée les 25 & 26 mai 2018, simultanément dans 30 pays et 70 villes sur les 5 continents, réunissant plus de 3000 candidats au total.

Save The Date :

La prochaine édition est prévue le

24 et 25 avril 2020.

Retour presse sur notre précédente édition : en lire plus. 

Plus d’infos sur le site officiel :

ou sur notre twitter @actinspacelux