Elasticity, the Main Advantage of the Cloud

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Elasticity, the Main Advantage of the Cloud

Whether SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, public, private or hybrid, the advantages of the Cloud are numerous and well-known. Among them, elasticity is probably the one that, when implemented, brings the most added value. We will illustrate its advantages and constraints through a concrete example.

A specific need arising from COVID

Supporting the universities and engineering schools of the Greater Region has been part of InTech’s DNA since its creation in 1996. So when, at just before the summer of 2020, we realised that it would not be possible to organise the student forums on-site at the beginning of the academic year starting in September, our employees mobilised to develop a tailor-made digital solution.
While a digital student day is similar to any other digital event, there are some specific features. Among them, the possibility of managing queues in real time. This seems simple from a functional point of view, but for a web architecture, it requires the implementation of a specific and scalable bidirectional communication infrastructure…

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