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WOOP or WOrld Of Possibilities is an innovative event organised by InTech in partnership with Win-Win, a Parisian communication agency (

The conference took place on 28 March 2019 at the Maison du Savoir in Esch-Belval

The conference format as a Battle is unique and original.  During these sessions, two experts from the same domain are invited to compare their points of view and discuss the impact of digital technology on freedom, and thus anticipate the future.

The programme is international with well-known speakers from every field, such as entrepreneurs, innovators, politicians, scientists, philosophers, thinkers, hackers, etc.

The theme around Freedom in the Digital Age will allow the confrontation of ideas on different subjects:

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Is this alienation or increase in everyone’s freedoms?
  • BIG DATA (Search Engines/Connected Objects /etc): Easy access to information or loss of individual independence?
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Development of a new trust system or new opportunity for organized crime?
  • SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY: Redistribution and sharing of wealth or digital “ghettoisation”?

More information on our website :

or on our twitter @Woop_Events

Save The Date : Tuesday 17 March 2020.

2nd Edition of the WOOP Conference at the Maison du Savoir in Esch-Belval !