Our principles

Our approach and corporate culture advocate a dynamic approach to our service, based on the following principles :

CommunicationAll the consultants work together and are involved with the customer in all development activities, thus creating a true team spirit.All progress indicators are accessible to everyone involved in the project.
Feedback The regular delivery of models or applications helps us to refine needs from concrete data. Tests measure the progress of developments, the operation of the code and detect any setbacks. These practices are formalised through continuous integration platforms.
Simplicity Only the functions requested are implemented. Once the architecture stage has been completed, the priority is development, complying with the design principles defined. The design and the code are kept as simple as possible so as to remain open to change and to maintain rapid development..
Courage This approach offers maximum day-to-day transparency of the project’s progress and tackles problems as soon as they arise, authorising steps backward if necessary.


Our teams are ready to listen to your needs for all your projects and are available for any questions or requests.

For further information or to contact us regarding a current or future project, please send an e-mail to info@intech.lu